Folk Accordion

Traditional Music Session at Esther's Cafe in Los Altos


German, Austrian & Swiss music jam session.  Meeting 2nd Thursdays of the month.

      Next Session:  September 13, 2018 from 6:30 to 8:30 PM

      Where:  Esther's German Bakery & Cafe located at 987 N. San Antonio Road in Los Altos. 

All muscians and singers welcome.  Song texts and sheet music are available for attendees.   

Organizer:  Bill Likens

About our session:  

  • We are a Musikantenstammtisch, a gathering of people with interest in German, Austrian and Swiss music.
    • We are a casual gathering of people who meet to play and sing, and for some, to listen.
    • Not a performance.   More party than performance.
      • To ensure things remain casual and relatively unstructured, no video taking for commercial purposes is allowed.
      • Taking pictures and recording audio and video for personal use is OK.
    • No dress code for monthly gatherings.
  • We use the “session” format as practiced in anglo-irish-american folk music.  
    • We follow the "session" format, rather than the German Musikantenstammtisch format of round-robin of solo recital performances.
    • Session format: 
      • We all play together, not solo, other than by exception as a short break to feature something unique.  
      • Sessions are casual gatherings, not performances.
        • Imperfect music is OK, as is the playing of new or unfamiliar tunes that might go wrong. The session is an opportunity to learn new music.
        • Session participants play and sing mainly for their own enjoyment.  
          • The crowd in the room who sing with us are also musicians!  It is not just those of us with instruments.  
          • Pleasing the punters, the listeners, is fine, but this should rather be a byproduct of our having a good time, rather than as a goal.
      • We have an open moderated session: 
        • Newcomers and drop-ins are invited to play or sing (open session)
        • The session leader picks the tunes to keep things moving along, should the rest of the group be unable to quickly decide what to do (moderated session)


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